An Association formed to promote sports and cultural activities in school, Registered Under Society Registration Act, 1860. Regd. No. ROS/North/369/2014.  


Membership for session 2020-21 start now.  Membership fees is Rs. 0 per DISTRICT till 31st March, 2020.Eligibility for Membership

1.  Age:  Minimum age of applicant for membership is 21 years

2   Educational Qualification:   Applicant should be graduate,  B.P. Ed. or an NIS coach or having a diploma in any Sports.  (a club/academy may also be a member of IROA. 



Benefits of SSCAF, India


A.  For Players:

      1.   Corruption free and fair selection.

      2.   Financial supports for economically week students.

      3.   Scholarship for Gold, Silver and Bronze medal holders.

      4.   No donation for admission or selection in teams.

      5.   Free coaching and assistance to deserving students.         


B.   For State or district Co-ordinators:

       1.  A state Secretary or Co-ordinator is the full flash in-charge of his state. 

       2.  He/She will be authorize to conduct state school games and selection trials  

            for participation in SSCAF National School Games and cultural activities.

       3.  A national identity as a state secretary or co-ordinator.

       4.  He/she will be authorized to depute state co-ordinators and to affiliate

            schools and academies.


C.   For Affiliated National Level Sports Association/Federation:

      1.  Promotion of games at school level across India.

      2.  Support to conduct district, state and national level championship.

      3.   Reorganization by SSCAF, India.

      4.  SSCAF, India helps National Association/ Federation to promote their  games at national and international level.

      5.  Financial support: Time to time SSCAF,India provide financial support to recognized/affiliated sports Associations

      6.  Publicity through SSCAF, India’s Website, Youtube channel, Facebook page and other more mode of publicity.  

      7.  Time to Time SSCAF, India will organize official seminar and camp to educate officials, coaches players with the latest rules and regulation and techniques.


C.   Affiliated Schools/Institutions and Academies:

      1.  Free membership of SSCAF, India to all interested schools and academies.

      2.  Coaching or training camp in all SSCAF approved schools.

      4.  A national level school will be authorized to prepare his school teams for participation in all state and national level sports and cultural activities conducted by SSCAF India or its affiliated and recognized state bodies.  

      5.  A member school will be authorized to conduct inter-school sport and cultural meet in association with SSCAF, India’s affiliated state units.

      6.  As per SSCAF India’s Policy The team of a school which provide ground, hall and school building for National or state level Championship will treated as an official partner or sponsor and its logo will be placed on certificate, banners, Sports kit of that particular state and on the website of SSCAF, India.  But the staff of that school will not be allowed as officials and judges in that championship.